Do you have extra breast milk? You may be able to donate to help a baby in need! Through the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida and its local depots, registered donors can donate breast milk to help nourish at-risk babies in our local hospitals.

Why donate? Human milk helps a baby’s immune system, provides ideal nutrition for growth and development, and can make a huge difference in how well preterm babies do after birth. Human milk can help repair the preterm baby’s intestines should they become infected.

Donor human milk is dispensed by prescription only. The highest-priority recipients are preterm and ill hospitalized infants, such as babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Donor human milk is lifesaving!

What is a Milk Bank Depot? A milk bank depot facilitates the donation process of receiving, packing and sending milk to the milk bank. The depot does not screen donors or distribute donated milk. Those interested in becoming donors will need to contact the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida for screening and donation materials.

WellFlorida Council–Healthy Start is a depot location for the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida. Depots raise awareness of non-profit milk banking and the need for life-saving milk, while providing a convenient and local location for donor moms to drop off their milk.

After registration, donors may call or text 352-647-6275 to set up a donation appointment at WellFlorida Council–Healthy Start. The depot is located at 1785 NW 80th Blvd, Gainesville FL, 32606. A list of all Florida depot locations can be found at the following link: Milk Drop Depots – Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida

Who is eligible? Donors must be in excellent health, be a non-smoker, and milk must not be frozen for longer than eight months in a freezer that is cold enough to keep ice cream frozen. Milk may not be donated if it has been heat-treated in any way including warming, scalding, boiling or thawing after freezing. Donor milk cannot be accepted by the depot without a donor ID.

Steps to becoming a donor To donate breast milk, you will need to become a registered donor. Please follow the instructions below to begin:

  1. Call the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida at 407-248-5050 for a telephone interview. The interview will take about 15 minutes.
  2. Complete a secure online health questionnaire.
  3. Provide permission to contact healthcare providers.
  4. Complete a free blood screening.
  5. Call or text 352-647-6275 to schedule a donation drop off at WellFlorida Council–Healthy Start, 1785 NW 80th Blvd, Gainesville FL, 32606.

That is all there is to it! There is no cost to you. Your time pumping your milk for donation is greatly appreciated and a huge gift to tiny babies at risk.

Donating after a loss WellFlorida Council–Healthy Start is deeply sorry for your loss. In honor of their baby, many families find healing by donating their breast milk to fragile infants. Every drop of donated milk is precious. Regardless of the quantity, we thank you. We will never forget the light of your spirit and the legacy of your loss. Please reach out to us for support and to begin the process when you are ready.


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